About KeeWee Listings

What is KeeWee Listings?

KeeWee Listings is an engaging, fun, and fantastically simple social platform bringing people and properties together like never before. We've built an easy-to-use service that leverages the power of your own social networks. By allowing you to promote your listing through our social media integration, we've given you power over your real estate future. Through features such as social media integration and activities such as informational workshops, we're working to create a community that benefits and educates college students. We're always looking to do new things and build new products so be sure to give us feedback on your experience and how we can make it even better!

New Features!

We've launched our beta site giving you guys access to a few of our premium features for free. With these features, users get a better idea of what a sublet opening is truly like. As KeeWee continues to grow, users will see more features like these become available. New features will be added that will cover major decision making criteria such as location, roommate compatibility, apartmentĀ amenitiesĀ and more. Be sure to give us your feedback about the current features, as well as features that you would like to use in your listing!

New Markets!

Currently, KeeWee Listings is a Northeastern University exclusive service. In the near future, the KeeWee service will be brought to other schools in Boston and cities all across the United States. KeeWee's expansion will allow college students to flow freely in and out of major cities, making internships more available. If you're a student and want KeeWee Listings at your school, be sure to reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we will work to bring our service to your school!