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Our Story

In the spring of 2011, Andrew and Brandon became victims of the sublet quandary that has plagued  Northeastern students for decades. The reality of paying rent for an open apartment on Gainsborough St. while he was home in Connecticut hit Andrew hard. At the same time, Brandon was forced to find multiple sublet openings for a single summer semester. The two had enough. They began building an interactive platform that would allow Northeastern students to connect and mutually satisfy their sublet needs.

Hannah joined the team in the Fall of 2011 and three have worked hard to finally bring the power of KeeWee Listings to the student masses. The website launched in Marched 2012 and will continue to bring new features and services to college students.

The Team

Andrew Rodriguez is a fourth year Junior at Northeastern University majoring in History with a minor in Business and working towards a minor in Law, Policy, and Society. Andrew has ambitions to attend Law School and is a member of the NU Men’s Club Hockey team. He is currently in the midst of his second co-op as he works full time for KeeWee Listings.

Brandon Beneduce is a third year student at Northeastern University with equal interests in both the medical and business fields. Brandon chose to major in Behavioral Neuroscience because of the program’s combination of basic science and psychology courses. He one day aspires to attend medical school and is also a member of the NU Men's Club Hockey team.

Hannah Becker is a third year Journalism Major whom currently co-ops for the Boston Globe. Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having previously co-op’d for the Boston Bruins during their Stanley Cup run. Hannah is also involved in the Council for University Programs, planning concerts and events on campus, such as SpringFest and HallowEEK. You may also see Hannah giving campus tours as a member of Husky Ambassadors.


Would you like to become the newest member of the KeeWee Listings team? We're looking to bring on new team members who are driven, intelligent and fun. Positions are available in sales, marketing, design, and development. If you're interested, please email Info@KeeWeeListings.com and provide us with a resume, a short paragraph about yourself and tell us why you want to be a part of KeeWee Listings.