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How to: Create A Listing

If you have reached the KeeWee Listing’s homepage, at, you may be wondering how you can post your sublet space on the site. Well that’s what we’re here for, to show you how!

Step 1:

You’ll start by clicking on the tab at the top right of the page that is labeled “Create A Listing.” This will then send you to the Listings Generator page, where you will be prompted to either login or register with the site. Registration is an easy process that will require your name, email and password to log back into the site with. Right now, KeeWee is a Northeastern University exclusive site, so users will need to register with their or email addresses.

Step 2:

After logging in or registering, you will be sent to your Personal Homepage. This is where you will be able to view your posted listings, edit their information and view your listings’ rankings. In order to post a new listing, you will need to go to the button on the left hand side labeled, “Post A New Listing.” Here you will be able fill out information and upload pictures of your listing for potential subletters to see. 

Things to watch out for when creating a listing:

  • The form that you are prompted to fill out contains some important information about your listing for others to see. Near the price, you can see a check box for “price negotiable.” Place a check in this box if you are willing to negotiate a price somewhere around the one you entered into the box. If you are only willing to rent your apartment to someone at the entered price, do not check this box.
  • Midway down the form, you will see an option for “Number of Apartment Mates.” This box is meant to describe how many other people live in your apartment, outside of your room. For example, if you live in an apartment with 3 other people, but you are subletting out your single room, you would enter a number 3 in the box. However, if you live in an apartment with 3 other people, but share a double room with one of them, you would enter a number 2 in the box. This box is meant to let viewers get an idea of how crowded their apartment space will be.
  • The sublet description box can sometimes get kind of tricky. Some people wonder what exactly to put in this box in order to attract potential users. We suggest adding in any additional features that your apartment may have such as washer/dryer in unit, balcony over looking the Charles, or fresh beer on tap from the kegerator you just purchased. Even interesting places that may be within walking distance of your place. Anything cool that you think would draw in potential subletters to inquiring about your apartment. 
  • Other important things to add are the living habits of your roommates. Are they quiet or loud, messy or clean, do they stay up late or go to bed early? Many users’ housing decisions are dependent on roommate compatibility, so information about the people they might be living with would be a major deciding factor on whether or not to inquire about your place. 
  • Make sure to be truthful about your roommates’ behaviors. Subletters are not binded by a lease and may walk out on you if they are not happy, leaving you to either find a new person or pay the bill. Plus, adding truthful information will ensure that the subletter that you find is compatible with your roommates, making everyone in the apartment happy. This concept goes for all aspects of your apartment description.

Step 3:

After uploading a few photos, you should be ready to submit your listing! Don’t forget to answer our short security question, then click on the “Create Your Listing” tab. 

Step 4:

Now, your listing should be posted and ready for other users to see. Log back in to the personal homepage in order to check your listing’s rankings, add more photos, or edit any information that needs to be changed. Feel free to utilize our social media links to post your listing on your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr page, in order to self-market your sublet to your connections on these sites. We make it easy for you to do this so that you can take control of how many people are exposed to your post. We strongly encourage this form of personal marketing. 

Finally, make sure to check your husky email and play the waiting game for any potential inquiries!

Good luck!