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KeeWee Incentives: Reason to make your post better and how to do it.

So you’ve posted your listing. Now what?

If you just let your listing sit there, someone will probably eventually find it and you’ll be able to fill your sublet. But if you actively promote and work to make your listing better, the likelihood of finding someone to fill your sublet becomes much greater.

KeeWee Listings is rolling out a few incentives to get students to build better listings. So what are these incentives you ask? Here’s a breakdown.

Five Friday Faves: Every Friday @KeeWeeListings will tweet links to the five best listings throughout the day to help promote the listings for students. Why is this beneficial? By having KeeWee Listings tweet your listing, the post will have a larger reach, protruding out to the extended KeeWee network.

Bi-Monthly Mondays: On the second and fourth Mondays of every month, KeeWee Listings will feature one of the best listings in a blog post. This will be an opportunity for the poster to provide more extensive information about the apartment/house, roommates and what makes it such a great place to live. Again, by being featured in the blog, your potential reach will extend greatly.

So, how do you make your listing better? There are a couple ways to do this, the most basic being to make sure that all necessary information is provided. The more information someone has, the more likely they are to take an extended look at the listing. The next thing is to make your listing more appealing by posting pictures. A first impression is everything and that also counts for an online sublet listing. Having good and plentiful pictures of your space will draw immediate attention to your listing and then people will look at it longer and consider it more (and so will we).

Rankings also play a big part in the incentives. By having your listing completely filled out, including posted pictures, you are more likely to get a higher ranking. You can rank all listings on our site when searching for a sublet. The rankings allow users to see what others have thought of the sublet, which is another aspect of a first impression. The higher the listing is ranked, the more views and better placement it is likely to have.

Promote your own listing: When posting your listing, there are Twitter and Facebook connect apps available directly on the page. Click on the Twitter and Facebook logos to automatically tweet or post your listing to your greater networks. Promoting your own listing is basically an online word of mouth, a way to spread your available listing to as many people as possible.

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Happy Listings!