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Meet the Neighborhoods: Roxbury

If you’re not from the area, or maybe even if you are, Roxbury can seem all big and scary. But don’t believe every meme you read.  Yes, Roxbury is a low-income neighborhood of Boston, and yes the crime statistics are rather high. But that doesn’t mean Roxbury isn’t a fine place to live, as long as you’re safe.

Northeastern borders the western edge of Roxbury, which if you’re keeping score is the safer side of the neighborhood. International Village and Columbus Avenue are technically in Roxbury Crossing, so you could live on campus with a Roxbury address

But if you are looking to move off campus, Roxbury is a good choice that can still keep you close to campus.  Douglas Park, Columbus Avenue and Cunard Street are all great options. For starters, Northeastern has on campus housing in Douglas Park and on Columbus and Coventry Street, which is basically the same as Cunard just further away. This mean the area is patrolled by NUPD and is know to house college students. The bonus, off-campus in this area is cheaper than alternative on campus options, especially if you’re moving from one of the Davenports to somewhere else on Columbus.

Roxbury has undergone a Renaissance in recent years, partly due to Northeastern’s increasing presence in the neighborhood. A plethora of businesses have recently opened up on Tremont Street and deeper into the Roxbury community. The City of Boston has developed housing initiatives in the area and the new Roxbury Neighborhood Police station (BPD headquarters on the other side of IV) has made the neighborhood much more modern.

Median Rent: The median rent paid by residents of Roxbury in 2009 was $739.

~ Don’t expect to get a nice apartment on Columbus Avenue for 739 dollars a month. This number is slightly skewed by the low-income housing projects in the area. You’ll pay for location on Columbus, but you can easily come in at $1,000 a month or less.

Median Age: Males: 27.5 Females: 32.1

Fun facts:

·      Famous R&B singer and former husband of the late Whitney Houston was born in Roxbury.

·      Roxbury used to be all farmland and was home to a large farming community. There is still one remaining country house, the Shirley Eustis House, which is the only remaining country house built by a British Colonial Governor in America.