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Meet the KeeWee team!

Now that KeeWee Listings is off and running, we thought it’d be a good time to introduce ourselves to all of our followers. So, here it goes.

KeeWee Listings LLC is the only sublet specific online listings platform targeted at college students. KeeWee Listings is driven to bring an engaging, fun and fantastically simple platform to college students looking to solve their real estate needs. College students will have power over their real estate needs as they are able to post personalized and interactive sublet openings on a platform that will connect them to prospective students looking to find open off-campus housing.

KeeWee Listings’ online platform connects college students in a social and competitive environment that mutually satisfies their needs. The service’s interactive features not only make the user experience more enjoyable and effective, but also breed user competition. As a result, students are forced to produce higher quality listings that, in turn, improve KeeWee’s product. Additionally both types of users are encouraged to take advantage of social network integration. Using the integrated platform, students may increase their listing’s publicity while acting dually as free marketing for our KeeWee Listings. This symbiotic relationship ensures a pleasant user experience and growth for the company.

 The founding team of Andrew Rodriguez, Brandon Beneduce, and Hannah Becker has worked hard to turn a small idea into a powerful college presence. The company has made great strides from it’s beginning in March of 2011 and is looking forward to launching the KeeWee Listings sublet service on the year anniversary in March 2012.  


 Meet the founders:

 Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew Rodriguez is a fourth year Junior at Northeastern University majoring in History with a minor in Business and working towards a minor in Law, Policy, and Society. Andrew has ambitions to attend Law School, is an avid reader in and out of the classroom, and is a member of the NU Men’s Club Hockey team. He is currently in the midst of his second co-op as he works full time for KeeWee Listings. Andrew has been a mentor for the Husky StartUp Challenge and is active within the Northeastern entrepreneurship scene.

Brandon Beneduce

 Brandon Beneduce is a third year student at Northeastern University with equal interests in both the medical and business fields. Brandon chose to major in Behavioral Neuroscience because of the program’s combination of basic science and psychology courses. By completing the basic science courses, he will be able to easily fulfill requirements for the pre-medical track, as he one day aspires to attend medical school. Simultaneously, he will become more proficient in the field of business by completing many psychology courses that study how and why people behave the way they do. Understanding these behaviors is critical when providing a service such as KeeWee, in which the success of the company relies heavily on person-to-person interaction.

Hannah Becker

Hannah Becker is a third year Journalism Major whom currently co-ops for the Boston Globe. Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having previously co-op’d for the Boston Bruins during their Stanley Cup run. Hannah is also involved in the Council for University Programs, planning concerts and events on campus, such as SpringFest and HallowEEK. You may also see Hannah giving campus tours as a member of Husky Ambassadors. Hannah’s public relations and social media marketing expertise is critical to the growth of KeeWee as both a brand and a company. 

Now that you know a little more about KeeWee Listings and its founders, its time to start thinking about finding those sublets! The launch of is just around the corner, so keep and eye out around campus for more information! And if you see any of us on the street, stop and say “hi”!